The Bay of Fourmis by Eugène Boudin

Sell Your Collection

If you are a painter, sculptor or a collector, we can unlock the maximum possible value for your collection. Whether you wish to sell a single piece of art, a large collection or the contents of a heritage, the first step for letting Feelberry handle your sale is to submit the images of your collection and the relevant information pertaining to the object of interest. Our experts would then review and provide a complimentary price estimation for each piece and a complete plan about what could be the best options for sale.

With our global reach, we negotiate prices that go beyond your expectations and exceed standard prices that you could get on online websites or in local auctions. On your behalf, we would negotiate better opportunities with our worldwide associates of collectors and galleries thus marketing it to prospective buyers from all regions.

What You Need To Do

You need to first send clear colour images that gives the all round view, and a close-ups of the signature or maker’s mark and anything that you want to highlight. Do include details such as dimensions, weight and materials and also any information about the history of the item including when, where and how it was acquired. Copies of any appraisals, literature related to the item, or certificates of authenticity, if available should also be sent.

Something To Note

Our consultants can take sometime to review. So please allow upto 2 weeks for them to respond. Photographs and other materials sent to us by post will not be returned. Please never send the original collection for review unless, we explicitly request it. We assist you in creating value estimates of your collection, catalogues and background information and even negotiating best prices with the prospective buyers worldwide. If requested,  your collections can get authenticated from the best known valuers adding more value to your listing price estimates.

Our Team diligently ensures the smoothest experiences ever in selling without any hassles at all. We will guide you through the whole process with our consultants being right there with you at every step.

Our Care After Sale

We make sure that the delivery of your collections to the buyers becomes hassle free. The transit insurance and delivery logistics are also arranged by us. So you are never at risk of getting your collections damaged.