Agostino Brunias Free Women of Color (1764 - 1796)

Planning an Art Show?

We have a premium Exhibition Space at Koregaon Park Pune. Located at the iconic Power Plaza building, the fully air-conditioned space has over 1000 square feet of area and enough wall space to display around 40 to 45 paintings.  The building has ample parking spaces and has some of the best restaurants and cafes for hosting after show events. The exhibition space has suitable lighting of upto 14,000 Lumens and have enough sunlight streaming windows for showcasing the art during the day with no additional necessity of lighting.

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From across the Street, Koregaon Park glows like a Van Gogh painting of the Café Terrace at Night. Step here and a raucous, almost deafening roar hits like a gust.

It is the sound of Pune in full, giddy swing, of a city embarked on a new golden era – confident, powerful, exuberant and opulent. Known for its crème de la crème crowd with ultra sophisticated tastes, making it the ideal location to have an effective Art Exhibition. Here no art is too expensive for the “Lords of Luxury”. The Location always matters the most!

Exhibition Consulting and Services

Our team of Art Consultants help to plan the exhibition in the best possible way. We take care of designing the exhibition catalogue, arrange press coverage and make sure that the show is a resounding success. We also take care of the delivery of sold items to the buyers and make it hassle free. The transit insurance and delivery logistics are also arranged by us.

Need Help to plan the next Art Show?

Call our Specialists on +91-9545872375 or email [email protected]

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