The Future of Art

A look behind the scenes of the newest technology in changing the art world

Artwork by Stuart Campbell

Virtual Reality and immersive experiences are ushering in a new era in the world of art. In combining traditional art forms and cutting-edge innovations, artists can fashion all-new experiences for art enthusiasts. Not only that, but the marriage of art and technology will draw in new audiences from all over the world.

TIME has the world’s largest circulation for a weekly news magazine. For the release of the HTC Vive headset, TIME  introduced seven artists to Google’s Tilt Brush, a virtual reality program that lets users create art in three dimensions using the HTC Vive headset. Using a powerful computer, two controllers and two cameras set up in opposite corners of the room, the artists’ movements were tracked to create the virtual drawings.

Walk through three-dimensional creations by Tim O’Brien, Barry Blitt, Chip Kidd, Karen Caldicott, Sheryo, Brandon Cruz and Jade Lo.

Image Credit: TIME magazine feature 2016
Each and every one of the seven artists they selected intuitively started drawing in two dimensions – using a virtual flat surface. It’s only when they realized that they could move around and through the art that they started to draw in three dimensions, filling the virtual space with figures, landscapes, and in the case of one young painter, a pizza and a doughnut. Each artist spent hours in Tilt Brush to create a single piece of art. Josh Raab recorded the entire process, before immersing himself into their creations, recording what he was seeing. With TIME’s International Art Director Victor Williams and the magazine’s development team, they brought these creations to life.
Image Credit: Josh Raab for TIME
With the HTC, Tilt Brush and many more mixed reality technology now available to the public, one can expect incredible creations. A time will come when the full dive experience into VR/AR would be available to the masses, in hopes of portraying the unique experience of creating and viewing art in an entirely new dimension.