Art Moments

at Conrad Hilton, November 2019

Rendezvous with Artists… and their art that fascinates… an Art Show of Surreal Existentialism featuring paintings, sketches and ceramic sculptures.

The Conrad Hilton Invite

In November 2019, ART MOMENTS envisaged by Feelberry Antik, featured National Award winning Artists. The Art Show showcased some of their best creations that have taken decades of inspiration. The art works were from the collection of Kashmiri Khosa, Madhuri Bhaduri, Arpita Bhattacharya, Avineer Rakshit and Ravi Trivedy.

The Art Moments showcasing the works at Kabana on Nov 23rd, 7pm onwards with fine wine and cheese. The event was covered in major national dailies.

The showcase continued further at Coriander Kitchen and Lobby on Nov 24th, 12.30 pm onwards along with the legendary CONRAD HILTON Sunday Brunch.

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